IT management is often called a resource drain in any organization. It takes away attention from your core business. It kills your productivity, and sometimes puts you behind competition if not effectively managed.

CIOs  are looking for a qualified partner to take IT management off of their hands.

That’s where Netzary  steps in with our Complete IT Practice based on three principles

Configure -- Every resource we manage are configured according to best practices.
Monitor-- We monitor every resource we manage whether client devices, servers or network devices
Manage -- We proactively manage every device we configure and monitor

What We Do

  •     Manage and monitor desktops, servers and networks
  •     Install, manage and update virus, spam and spyware/malware software (security)
  •     Install and manage software updates and patches
  •     Manage Change
  •     Back up servers and workstations
  •     Install and manage firewalls
  •     Host your email in our data centers
  •     Provide 24/7/365 IT support via our Command Center in Bengaluru
  •     Proactively take care of your IT and align it with business goals
  •     We build custom software for our customers   

We are not expensive
We build all our solutions on reliable free and open source software, and have build expertise in these tools. This means our costs are comparatively lesser than the competition. Research has shown that we are over 30 percent less expensive in both CAPEX and OPEX compared to IBM, Accenture and other vendors.

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