Our specialization is making unsupported open source stacks enterprise class and robust through a mix of services and support packs

Netzary provides expertise on a large number of open source stacks, server, storage, security, cloud and networking products. We also offer custom software development on several open source and Linux platforms. We also specialize in a wide range of Infrastructure management solutions and services.
We can help you reduce your licensing and compliance costs on software. We do so by through our vendor relationships and optimizing your compliance requirements. We cut down acquisition costs by using free and open source software.
We offer cloud computing solutions from leading cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. We also have our own hosted and managed servers residing across 6 data centers.

How it started?

Netzary Infodynamics was founded by first generation entrepreneurs Priyadarsan Roy and S Ramdas. Ramdas continues to be the CEO of the company, while Roy has taken a sabbatical to pursue other interests.
In the first four years of it's existence Netzary was only focused on providing support and development services on open source platforms. Since early 2015, Netzary expanded its services and product offerings to include third party products and solutions.
As on 2017 October, Netzary employs around 50 employees with above 80 percent being engineering talent Net Revenues for FY 2016-17 was just south of US$ 2 million, with around 15 percent accounted by services while rest being solutions sales.

Mission Statement
We help our customers make the best of their infrastructure, investments and ideas with the lowest possible technology adoption curve and the highest ROI