We have been running practically everything we own on Linux. We manage over 1000 servers that run Linux 24x7x365.

Migrating from Windows or proprietary UNIX to Linux has many benefits.
Lower costs, greater stability and reliability are often the most cited reasons. Engineers like access to source code and conformity with open standards as major benefits.

Others talk of application security and community support.
There are many more compelling reasons. But these reasons aside, it's the freedom from software licensing that attracts many organizations.
Linux eliminates the need for a Client Access License (CAL), which is the fee Microsoft charges per client to access a service. Microsoft charges the fees some times for both the device and the user.
Large enterprises with thousands of desktops can save millions of dollars by switching to Linux.

Netzary as your Migration Partner.

Netzary positions migration to Linux as one of the key services offerings. We have a very clear strategy that help customers completely move to Linux, or move in parts. We call it Hybrid Environment Optimization when customers run a mix of operating systems.
Our methodology has 7 key steps.

1) We identify the key software pieces.

2) We check whether there are stable alternatives

3) We assess employee resistance to migration.

4) We make recommendations to the company management on the strategy.

5) We design the road map for migration.

6) We deploy the solution.

7) We monitor, manage and maintain the infrastructure.

We have been running practically everything we own on Linux. We manage over 1000 servers that run Linux 24x7x365. In the table below look at some popular alternatives of Microsoft products on Linux

Product Category
Microsoft Product
Linux Alternatives
Desktop Operating System
Windows 10
OfficeMicrosoft Office
Libre Office
Server Operating System
Windows Server 2016
Ubuntu Server 16.04

Messaging Server
MS Exchange
Authentication/Group Management
Active Directory
Samba 4
Programming Language
C#, VB
Almost all languages have a stable Linux version
Email Client
MS Outlook
ERPSAP/Microsoft Dynamics
Netzary ERP/
DatabaseMS SQL Server, OracleOracle, MySQL, Mongo, IBM DB2 etc

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