Servers -- We offer you both custom built as well as branded servers from makers such as IBM, HP, Dell, Fujitsu. Our custom built includes tower, rack and blade servers on both Intel and AMD platforms. These servers are built using certified components and ships with three year warranty.

All servers sold by us comes in a with a free monitoring service for, which can report to the client various vital statistics of the server as well as health of services running on the server.

Storage-- We offer white box storage solutions based on a wide range of open source platforms such as GlusterFS, Nexenta, Opensolaris, ZFS. We have customers deploying NAS boxes ranging from 4 to 60 TB sporting a Netzary sticker. Our strong knowledge of UNIX internals and understanding our storage architecture makes us a capable advisor and partner for your storage needs.

Document Discovery and Archival Systems -- Targeted at offices which needs to secure documents created inhouse and maintain them.  We have a single window solution that backups, archives and automatically discovers data. This can be described as your private enterprise cloud storage like Dropbox, but at the same time providing you privacy and security. Now ensure zero data loss in your organization.

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