Netzary Infodynamics

We provide expertise on a large number of open source stacks, server, storage, security, cloud and networking products. We also offer custom software development on several open source and Linux platforms. We also specialize in a wide range of Infrastructure Management Solutions and Services.

We can help you reduce your licensing and compliance costs on software. We do so by through our vendor relationships and optimizing your compliance requirements. We cut down acquisition costs by using free and open source software.

We offer cloud computing solutions from leading cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. We also have our own hosted and managed servers residing across 6 data centers.

We support our customers 24x7x365. We make IT Work 24x7x365. We are Netzary!

Our Experience

IT Services 12 years

Software Development 10 years

Sales Consultation 8 years

Technical Support 7 years

Few Words from the CEO

We believe in building solutions that's hybrid in nature. We take the best of open source and free software(FOSS) and adapt them along with proven commercial software to ensure best ROI for our customers.

Ramdas S

Software Developer/Sales Consultant

Our Innovative Team

Why Choose Us

Built on open source
99% of our homegrown solutions are built on top of Free and Open Source Stacks.
Strong Partnerships
We have formed very strong partnerships with vendors such as Dell, Netapp, Microsoft, Red Hat, Cisco, Juniper among others which allows us to deliver 90 percent of your IT requirements.
Fanatical Support Team
We have over 40 engineers on round the clock 24x7 shifts who are committed to solve your technology problems in a jiffy.
4M Philosophy
Monitor, Manage, Measure and Maintain are the mantras of our solutions approach.
Extremely Agile
We are an extremely agile team and our lean management approach has helped us move very fast.

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