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About Netzary

We make IT Work 24x7x365.

Netzary is a decade old IT solutions vendor specialized in cloud infrastructure solutions, managed services and systems integrations .

We are headquartered in bangalore and employs close to 100 tech professionals

We deliver our solutions through partnerships with global technology leaders, coupled with our expertise across several open source stacks. We also offer custom software development across multiple platforms. We also specialize in a wide range of Infrastructure Management Solutions and Services.

We can help you reduce your licensing and compliance costs on software. We do so through our vendor relationships and optimizing your compliance requirements. We cut down acquisition costs by using free and open source software.

Our expertise on a large number of open source stacks, server, storage, security, cloud and networking products have helped customers across the globe.

We offer cloud computing solutions from leading cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and E2E Networks.

Our Hybrid first approach allows customers to take advantage of best of breed technologies that cuts across every segment we cater to.

We also specialize in Devops, and offer the widest range of outsourced Devops services in the market today.

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Delivered over 100+ software projects,manages more than three thousand cloud servers, and has catered to over 300+ enterprise customers.