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Apr 24 2019

Fuschia OS - The future of mobile OS

As we all know, Android is the most popular operating system in the world offered by Google, but currently, Google is working on a third operating system apart from Android and Chrome OS. It's called Fuschia. Google forked the source for the first time on Github in August 2016 without any official announcement.

But, what's next? Fuschia's leaks show that it looks completely different from any other operating systems including Android. Google has still not announced whether Fuschia will replace Android or Google will work on both parallelly.


Fuschia confirmed to support Android apps though.

Since Fuschia confirmed to support Android apps, what will happen to Android? - the major question asked of Google's Fuschia. It's completely possible Google intends to replace Android with Fuschia.


So, what exactly is Fuschia?

Fuschia is different from Android and Chrome OS as it is based on Zircon kernel (formerly called Magenta) rather than Linux. Zircon is a micro-kernel which means it bundles the near-minimum software that can provide a mechanism to implement an operating system. The Github project suggests Fuschia can be run on many platforms like embedded systems, smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Fuschia is written using Flutter SDK which runs on Android as well as iOS

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