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Next.js Development

At Netzary we are always on the lookout for the next big thing. While we hit a comfort zone with ReactJS for UI creation, we were always on the lookout for a better solution to some of the ReactJS related issues.

One of those concerns was that despite providing a huge improvement over other JS frameworks for Search Engine Optimization, it was still not perfect.

Next.js to the rescue

Next.js is an open-source framework built on Node.js that allows you to create React applications that you can render on the server.

It provides the ready-to-use tools and settings you need to build fast, SEO-friendly React apps. Whether you want to build simple static pages based websites, large complex applications or API processing Next.js does things better.

It allows you to go from a single line of code to a full-featured application with minimal configuration.

For our dozen plus strong React Development team adopting Next.js as the primary tool to build UI took little time. The shallow learning curve meant we were able to build a team quickly, and onboard them on to projects faster.

Incredible Pre-rendering techniques

Other JavaScript frameworks including React had promoted client-side rendering. With this approach the server sends HTML content as a Javascript bundle. The bundle is then executed in the browser and web pages are created on the fly. The process is called hydration. While the process was very efficient and fast, creation of SEO specific elements was difficult.

However this was a huge improvement to earlier techniques used which was direct DOM manipulation.

Next.js provides a solution through previewing. Instead of building the user interface on the client side, Next.js builds it up front on the server. There are two types of previewing: Server-side rendering (SSR) Static Site Generation (SSG). SSG allows web pages to load extremely fast even on CDNs and edge servers.

These can be used depending on the need of the project, and a hybrid approach is also possible. Depending on the use case, Next.js allows you to mix and match SSR and SSG, and you can deliver performance and functionality without making any compromise.

Next.js has built-in optimization features and tools that make it a great framework for building high-performing React applications. This includes handling of CSS and SCSS via a modular mandate and also can optimize images on the fly. The second factor helps loading pages faster, and improves Google’s ranking of your pages.

Why is Netzary your ideal NextJS development partner?

If you have already decided on front end development to be an independent effort, where focus should be a balance of performance and functionality, then the choices in technology are limited to a few. Next.js today ranks absolutely on top of that scale.

Having recognized that Netzary has already trained its Frontend tooling team on Next.js. We have today a dozen plus Reactjs developers already completed their first large project on Next. And some of them have delivered their 4th major project.

This makes us ready to handle any complexity whatsoever. Our teams are well versed with best practices and can make right decisions on tooling within the project.

Good understanding of SEO practices

In the digitally transformed world, customers are mostly discovering their suppliers, services providers and potential partners via the web. Hence any technology that does not aid this discovery process is often frowned upon. And any team which does not understand this should not be working with you.

Luckily Netzary understands this perfectly. Our sister company Skilled Answers is specialized in the science of SEO and the art called Digital Marketing. Together we combine to deliver functionality and performance with best practices in Digital marketing.