Software Licensing Optimization

Software licensing audit or software compliance audit is an important component of corporate risk management.Compliance is also a major challenge faced by organizations of all sizes. Observing regulatory compliance audit policies is a must for every organization.Another benefit a business receives from performing a software licensing audit is cost savings. It's also a preventative mechanism to avoid copyright infringement prosecution by software companies.Software asset management is an organizational  a process that provides an organization precise information on software license usage. Software asset management is a comprehensive strategy that has to be addressed from top to bottom in an organization. To minimize risk and be effective, following steps are recommended.

  1.  Identification of Software Assets.
  2.  Verifying the Software Assets including licenses, usage, and rights.
  3. Identifying gaps that may exist between what exists on the installations, and the licenses possessed, and the rights of usage.
  4. Taking action to close any gaps.
  5. Recording the results in a centralized location with Purchase records.

The audit process itself should be a continuing action. And modern SAM software identifies installed software. It identifies its usage, and provides a reconciliation of this discovery against usage. This is a very useful means of controlling software installations and lowering the costs of licensing. Large organisations may note be able to do the same without discovery and inventory applications.
Netzary Advantage

Apart from auditing, asset management and regulatory advice, Netzary also steps in helping customers negotiate better with software vendors. We leverage on our relationships with over 40 software vendors being a leading partner for these companies in India. 99% of our customers have seen their software licensing budgets come down while working with us.
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