Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is an approach to work in which employees can do their jobs from anywhere using a variety of devices and applications. It allows workers function outside offices from the field as well as telecommute from their homes without compromising on performance.

Netzary provides a layered approach that encompasses users, devices, applications, data, policies and networks. Enterprise mobility management (EMM) and other technologies have emerged to help IT departments enable mobile workers and to address security risks.

Our Enterprise Mobility consulting team can help you identify a strong acceptable use policy for employees can also contribute to a successful enterprise mobility strategy. With spiralling real estate and commuting costs many organizations are encouraging their employees to work out off office. According to a Guthb survey around 43 percent of Github users are telecommuting in 2017.

Enterprise Mobility comes with its own challenges. Security is the biggest concern. How can you be sure that there are no data leaks when users work outside the secure boundaries of an office network?

Apart from security there is also the question of performance. How can you guarantee similar performance which can be compared to a robust office network?
And then there's the challenge on tech support. How do you reach support to a salesman on the field, hundreds of miles away from the office?
Netzary has answers for all these questions. We not only provide best of breed devices but also provide software and services that can be used to deploy them.

We deliver that with partnerships with Google, Microsoft, IBM, Vmware, Seqrite, Kaspersky, Samsung, Apple, McAfee among other vendors.