IT Infrastructure Managed Solutions

Are you ready to accelerate the value of IT in your business? Would you like to simplify your IT processes so you can focus on innovating and building your core business rather than playing with technology?

Everyone in the IT arena understands that the speed and scale of business have been pushing traditional IT to the breaking point. Compounding this pressure are the new challenges that business owners are facing.

Your IT Infrastructure is not an island anymore. It needs to connect with various departments within your organization and stay stable and robust to interact with external agencies you work with your customers, suppliers and the government departments.

Netzary offers end-to-end IT infrastructure management from on-premises manpower to round the clock remote infrastructure management. Our consulting team has a unique service called CIO4Hire which allows you strategic expertise that helps decision making.

Our business monitoring and management services and solutions help you to keep your business moving 24X7X365. Our state-of-the-art command centre and highly skilled resources help you to implement and deploy customized business monitoring solutions based on your business requirement.

Our innovative and highly customizable service desk solution improves service performance while adding business value by integrating incident management with other key service support functions such as knowledge base, service level management and configuration management. These modules incorporate various functionalities which help CIO organization to deal with day to day business and operational challenges.  With the portal in place as part of your service desk, you can greatly reduce support costs by deflecting repetitive calls to the service desk, while also dramatically improving customer satisfaction. It allows IT and other support functions to create and publish new Processes across the organization. An organization can customize, integrate with various business applications and automate processes which reduce day to day manual activity and enhance productivity.