System Integration

System integration is the process of combining software, hardware, networking and systems into a cohesive system delivering results that customers expect.

Netzary’s approach to system integration is driven by our best of breed approach. We believe that no brand, no vendor, or solution approach can deliver best results while not compromising on the costs of ownership.

The Best of breed approach ensures that the customer has a wide choice and is not locked to a single vendor.

Our System Integration services include

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
Enterprise Application Integration is a service-based integration. It’s a process that communicates with different services, gathers data, and then proceeds with further steps based on desired action or a workflow.
Netzary offers EAI cutting across a number of verticals including retail, marketing, distribution, manufacturing, e-commerce and aerospace.

Data Integration (DI)

Most large enterprise have a lot of different data sources (or databases). When you want to consolidate your services into one central point of access you need data integration. Data integration enables gathering of data from all services, aggregating, and transforming them into a central place for interactive reporting, most commonly used for management.
Netzary has Data experts who can help you integrate data from all sources, mine it and build data warehouses or lakes as the case may be.

We assure you that data is no longer scattered across siloed storages. So, to perform analytics, you don’t need to manually download and export it to the centralized repository. Instead, with a holistic view of all information, you can extract useful business insights to make good decisions more rapidly.

Cloud integration

At its most basic level, cloud integration means bringing multiple cloud environments together — either in a hybrid deployment or as multiple public clouds — so that they can operate as a single, homogenous IT infrastructure for an enterprise.

We provide you expertise across top cloud providers and also integration capabilities with private cloud to deliver best results.