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DevOps aims to shorten the development lifecycle and deliver high-quality software continuously.

In today's competitive landscape, organizations strive to enhance their software development and operational efficiency while minimizing costs. DevOps, the practice of combining software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops), aims to shorten the development lifecycle and deliver high-quality software continuously. Leveraging free and open-source tools can significantly reduce the costs associated with implementing DevOps, making it accessible even to small and medium-sized enterprises. This article explores a zero-cost licensing approach to DevOps, highlighting essential free and open-source tools for each stage of the DevOps lifecycle.

When you have a large development team license fee on devops software can be a bit daunting. Here is where Netzary’s outsourced Devops team can help you. We will run everything for you on free and open source software.
Let’s break down the different pillars of Devops.

Effective planning and collaboration are the bedrock of any successful DevOps initiative. Open-source tools for project management and communication facilitate smooth collaboration among team members.We offer a multitude of options there from Taiga to OrangeScrum

For any Devops practice the most fundamental requirement is to have your own repository and make sure all developers commit the code to the repository. While we have several customers on Bitbucket and Github, the community edition of Gitlab helps several customers scale down licensing costs. Another option is Gitea.
Communication is key to running teams, and especially Devops teams. Slack is the industry gold standard, but we can help you set up alternatives from Mattermost to Rocketchat to Matrix and Zulip, there is plenty to choose from.

The second major element would be continuous integration. We provide the same with Jenkins and Gitlab’s pipelines. Our team will write code in Groovy, Shell or Python to automate the process depending on your project. So whether it is Pipelines, job scheduling, and Docker support, you have it covered at no Extra Costs.
Configuration management tools automate the provisioning and management of infrastructure, ensuring consistency across environments.
We have Netzary InfraOps, a comprehensive set of tools powered by Ansible. You can use the same platform for everything from deployment to troubleshooting and even remote support. When you sign up with us for services, there are no licensing costs.

Real time error detection in both production and development is a critical aspect. We use Sentry to deliver precise information to your developers across 100 plus platforms.
Bug Tracking is another aspect of Devops, which has always existed in software development for the past 5 decades. We recommend Gitlab, but if customers require specific then there are around 10 alternatives we have up our sleeves.
Containers and orchestration tools provide a consistent runtime environment, enhancing scalability and reliability. You can choose from Docker, Kubernetes for orchestration and for more secure environments Podman.

For monitoring we use Prometheus, Grafana and if required our own custom framework built on Python. Our team can write plugins for Prometheus and also customize Grafana if required.
For logging real time or otherwise we use a list of tools such as ElasticSearch, Log Stack and Kibana.
We offer single-sign on so that all these tools can be managed with a single user name and password using Keyclock, Identity Server or Authelia.

Finally we have the vulnerability suites. We use Wazuh for OS level vulnerabilities, and Sonarqube when it comes to code level vulnerabilities. We also use Clair which is an open-source project for the static analysis of vulnerabilities in application containers.
All these are backed by world class consulting and fanatical support. Talk to us today by writing to us on info@netzary.com for a proposal.