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IT Audit Services

The progression of extensive breaches symbolizes a growing trend of security defilement both in numbers and their severity.
Every breach of data directly exposes sensitive information that leaves companies, users and their consumers at risk for identity theft, reputation, corporate devastation and leave the company liable for any corporate compliance violations.
Netzary’s IT & cyber security services let any organization easily identify weaknesses, considerably condense mean-time-to-detect, and increase the ability to detect and prevent cyber-attacks
Netzary IT security and data-integrity service
Organizations need to demonstrate that they are secure to compete within the global marketplace. Today, even the most sophisticated tech enterprises are vulnerable to a cyber-attack and it’s not enough to just claim you are secure potential clients, business partners and board rooms want proof. Malware like ransom ware have crippled government networks and compromised the security of businesses’ data costing them millions of dollars. So, it goes without saying that digital businesses must do what it takes to secure their networks and safeguard their data. With Netzary’s Security Services as your trusted partner, achieving and maintaining IT & Cyber security year over year is a guaranteed reality with cyber security and data integrity services employ a phased approach to helping businesses build and maintain a secure network. Clients who work with us benefit from significantly enhanced security postures and an ability to demonstrate the same to their key stakeholders, including business-critical customers.
Our whizzes conduct cyber security audits, implement and document security frameworks, and provide cyber security maintenance services to ensure good cyber security hygiene of your physical, location, IT & on-premise/cloud systems. This way, we help your business thrive in a safe and robust cyber security and data integrity environment. We provide a combination of real-world business value through technology and process solutions delivered with exceptional quality that help you manage your risk, strengthen your controls.
ISO 27001 is the prescribed standard in contradiction to which organizations may seek accreditation of their (ISMS) Information Security Management Systems which means their backgrounds to strategize, implement, manage, preserve and impose information security processes and controls methodically and constantly throughout their organizations.
The standard covers every corporate or institution like commercial establishments, government organizations & agencies and NPOs. It stipulates the need for instituting, applying, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and refining existing standard ISMS within the context of the organization's overall risk management processes. It also includes requirements for the assessment and treatment of information security risks tailored to the needs of the organization. The standard is meant for any company that uses Internal or External Computer Systems, possesses / processes confidential data, depends on information technology to carry out its business activities, or as mandated by their clients to adopt information security.      
Organizations like Banks, Call Centres, IT companies, Tax offices, Automobile Manufacturing Companies, Consultancy Firms, Research and Development institutions, Hospitals, Schools,
Universities, Examination Boards, Finance and Insurance companies need ISMS in place.
 Benefits of Managed Consulting As a Service  - MCaaS:
•             Time and cost saving – Leveraging our expertise, proven processes and artefacts simplifies the process of achieving compliance standard and certification
•             Compliance audit as per your convenience – Netzary’s consultant to answer your queries, guided documentation and dedicated team members on need basis.
•             Guaranteed to meet ISO 27001 requirements – Netzary ensures your success by validating all artefacts to guarantee they fully conform with the compliance requirements & standards
•             Institute a roadmap to stay on compliance – Governance/status meetings on specific schedules between your project team and our consulting experts dedicated to your organization
•             Ensure 27001 standards are functioning – Netzary helps build the ISMS committee within your organization and also chairs IT Security committee meetings
•             Certifies that your organization is ready for the certification audit – Netzary conducts your ISMS Internal Audit, Corrective Action Plans and regular Management Review
•             Ensures that the ISO certification audit is passed – Netzary will be responsible for on-site support to ensure that the certification audit is cleared without a dawback
•             We renew & maintain your certification every year – Netzary provides the continuing consulting partnership to operate the ISMS, manage information risk, continually improve security position, execute timely ISMS Internal Audit and successfully conserve the certification
What can be done?
Netzary delivers end-to-end support and help, which empowers organisations to obtain ISO 27001 Certification and have all the operative activities completed. Our fully managed process is beneficial for companies considering to improve their security posture but do not essentially want to create and recruit team/department to start internal auditing.
Areas that we cover
This engagement covers all areas of ISO 27001 as listed:
•             Company Information Security Policies
•             Operation Security
•             Asset Management
•             Human Resource Security
•             Organization of Information Security
•             Information security incident management
•             Access Control
•             Physical and environmental security
•             Communication security
•             System acquisition, development and maintenance
•             Supplier relationships
•             Information security aspects of DR & BC management
•             Security Compliance
How we do it
Using Netzary’s specific model of Valuation, Preparation, Procedures, Concept and methodology we will assimilate security efficiently into organizations. Our dedicated & certified consultants have far-reaching experience collectively with auditor and implementer ISO 27000 standard certifications.  This confirms that we address our client’s security necessities and can deliver value addition in par, using our industry insight of 9 years responsiveness and expertise to address the certification requirements.